Introducing Scorpio, an enchanting men’s perfume that exudes confidence and allure. Inspired by the mysterious and magnetic nature of the Scorpio zodiac sign, this fragrance is designed to captivate and intrigue.

Crafted with Top Notes: Amalfi lemon, lavender, neroli, and Middle notes are Thyme, Geranium, and Sea Grass, Base notes are Tobacco and guaiac Wood.

The base notes of Scorpio perfume are anchored in sensuality and strength, featuring a fusion of earthy patchouli, velvety amber, and smooth, dark leather. These elements come together harmoniously, leaving a lasting and powerful impression.

Whether attending a special event, making a bold impression in the boardroom, or simply enjoying a night out on the town, Scorpio is your perfect fragrance companion. Its captivating essence will turn heads and leave a lasting impression on everyone you encounter.

Embrace the power of the Scorpio perfume and unleash your magnetic charm with every spritz. Experience the allure and sophistication of this captivating scent destined to become an essential part of your signature style.

12 reviews for Scorpio Men’s

  1. Nabila Asif

    Bhot he achi fragrance hai mere husband ko bhot psand ayi hai inshallah mein dobara buy kro gyi.. lasting bhot achi hai waki he aik premium lagta hai 💛

  2. Arham Ali

    It’s Amazing
    I Totally Agree with This unforgettable Lovely Fragrance. it’s A Real Compliment Fragrance……
    I Love It..
    Excellent, a lovely experience. 100% Value for money

  3. Jahanzaib Khan

    Wah bhai kia fragrance hai peheli bar kisi ke bar bar kahne py liha lekin Unexpected
    Dobara jald lo ga yhi fragrance ❤
    Lasting ka jawab nhi 🙌

  4. Muhammad Awais

    Woww…Excellent perfume loved the base note of Tobacco and Guaiac Wood lasting is excellent…

  5. Rehman

    This is the first time am gonna be using this perfume and I think am love the smell, It’s mild sweet, and just awesome

  6. Azam ul din Siddiqui

    TOO a strong scent love it, but this buy is my worth buy ever ❤ long-lasting fragrance

  7. Aamir

    Mashallah bhot achi fragance hai Allah ap ko aur ke brand ko aur kamiyab kre ameen

  8. eshan

    lasting achi hai i will gave 10/10 and fragrance toh good . har aik node apna he smell resemble kr rahe hai
    After this i would think ke next future mein order toh bnta hai … 🙂

  9. Zakira Noor

    Lasting mind blowing. but fragrance strong hai Not a ordinary one it’s really premium one scent i am happy to receive 🙂

  10. Eman Javeed

    Just Wow.. but aya sample hai but itx loveable fragrance strong & attractive Thank you Naasify sending gift box 🙂 <3

  11. Azaan Awan

    This perfume is just out of this world, it’s scent give you real premium feeling that even most of the expensive fragrances didn’t have…..If you like your fragrance strong like me then i highly recommend you to purchase this right now!

  12. Syed Noor Kakkar

    ye [Scorpio] fragrance mujie bhot achi lagi hai mein ne lasting ka toh joowaz nhi best

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